How to operate pneumatic concrete vibrator is the

Pneumatic concrete vibrators, use compressed air machine class of high-pressure gas is released through the pipe into the intake port, when the gas piston upward crawl agitation, an air chamber of the piston to get squeezed, squeezed air After release vent holes. When the piston upward crawl to the destination, the gas tank and airway through non-manual aeration direction exchange, let gas into the gas chamber piston. High-pressure gas concrete needle vibrator for sale price pushes the piston downward crawling to the destination for the first time through the loop task is completed, the second cycle began, so a repeated cycle allows pneumatic concrete vibrators appear translational and shake, then there vibrating force. Pneumatic concrete vibrator use compressed air to power as a source of concrete vibrators, loss of gas is not only reliable and because they can save energy. It is ideal with frozen or high temperature environment application, and its small size, less failure occurs, simple and easy to install and maintain them.

Pneumatic concrete vibrators generally used in the field of food production industry pharmaceuticals, chemicals, feed, glass, and fuel in the powder, suitable for use in parts of the device or structure fatigue testing; shake the hopper and pressing; linear and bowl feeding equipment, screen and filter; shaker and mixing devices.

High frequency vibration motor, relying on power FM frequency modulation to the high speed of the motor to rotate and drive the eccentric circular motion, resulting in vibration and the vibration is transmitted through the roller cover and the chassis. The vibrator long life, high efficiency, large amplitude, exciting and strong, no loss of vibration phenomenon, compact structure, less easy to use, wearing parts, ease of maintenance. Pound can be used in the implementation of concrete work and other required local oscillator occasions.

Product Description        

CM Series special inverter vibrator concrete vibrator flexible shaft for sale price consists of a single or three-phase drive motors and the high-performance NdFeB material frequency coaxial housing unit, which shell is made of steel and aluminum, with light weight, low noise, wear and tear small, beautiful appearance and so on.


Frequency low-noise plug-in concrete vibrator special power.

   Products run the technical parameters

Input voltage: 220 / 380V three-phase or 220V single-phase, can be customized Input frequency: 50Hz ,, can be customized Output voltage: 42V three-phase, can be customized Output frequency: 200Hz Insulation class: Body H level, F grade wiring compartment

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