Wind power as a kind of renewable energy, have clean and pollution-free characteristics, using wind energy to generate electricity in the process of economic development in our country has been in the wind of the larger region, widely applied, and effective use of wind power has become a main way of wind energy.

Because the wind is a small impact on the environment of recycling of renewable resources, and wind power is an important resource to the smart grid and renewable resources. Although the wind has certain stability and intermittent, is likely to affect the continuity and reliability of the utility grid, but the scientific application of wind power is very necessary. With mature wind power technology, wind power has been widely used for power generation. Due to the rapid development of science and technology, wind power automation is in line with the wind power industry is the objective requirements of sustainable development, and implementation of wind power in the information management system is imperative. Among them, the performance in wind power requirements for automation.

Wind randomness is opposite bigger, are greatly influenced by season, the change of the size of the wind speed and wind direction is indeterminate, as a result, wind power generators in the process of running for fault detection and protection must realize the automatic control, in addition, as start, stop, breeze wind generator in the cut and cut out, and the reasonable control of the input power and the stability of the wind turbine to track changes to achieve automation, so as to better for wind power. So, the establishment of wind power automatic control system is very necessary.