How to mix cement tank mixing station
We know that different types of mixing station which is not the same mix of cement tank, mixing station when making a purchase, there is often how many tons or several cement tank problems of user consultation configuration, with the principles of cement tank in the end is how to allocate it:
1, the size of the mixing station, a large mixing station best price best sell portable twin shaft concrete mixer production than larger, raw materials will be needed more, so large-scale use of cement concrete mixing station tanks are generally 3-5 months to complete the demands of production.
2, the storage of raw materials, we know that the raw material mixing stations are generally cement, fly ash, powder, etc., a material need to use a jar. So how many jars how much material you need to store.
3. If the production site mixing station further away from the cement plant, then we need more with a few jars for storage to prepare for contingencies. However, to be determined according to the actual situation, the reserve is too small will affect the quality of production, reserves too much will affect the material, so they need fair use.
Cement tank mixing station is essential production js1000 concrete mixer specifications 1000l cement mixer equipment, the choice need to consider all aspects to ensure the completion of the production. Therefore timely communication with manufacturers in the purchase, well prepared in order to ensure smooth production.
Cement silo Safety Precautions
1, the installation process is prohibited bin body tilt, leg deformation.
2, the bottom leg and welding firm foundation embedded parts.
3, good wind, lightning work.
4, is strictly prohibited strong impact legs and body positions.
5, regular inspection of cement dust bag attached to the case, the timely liquidation.
6, the foundation must be strong, in line with the architectural design specifications.
7, once blocked the bag, the warehouse professional design twin shaft top sale concrete mixer warehouse roof pressure exceeds the safety pressure relief valve pressure, the pressure relief valve to open the inner pressure release warehouse, warehouse explosion prevent accidents.
    8, when the cement silo (cement tank) should be made by special crane to erect and then placed in advance prefabricated concrete foundation, and check the cement silo (cement tank) erected after the vertical and horizontal degrees and then at the bottom of the foundation embedded parts welding firm.